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Magnets That Reveal The Poet Within.

Safety Info

At Magnetic Poetry, the safety of our products is a top priority. Magnetic Poetry complies with all American and international guidelines and regulations, e.g. the strict provisions of the American Specification for Toy Safety (ASTM F963-03), the European Standard for Toys (EN 71), and the current requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. We also can assure our customers that all of our products will meet the changing requirements of the CPSIA of 2008 as its new requirements come into effect. 

About Magnets and Toys

We understand parents may be concerned about buying toys that use magnets. Take a look at the chart below comparing the strengths of various kinds of magnets. As you will see, Magnetic Poetry magnets are of a different type-flexible iron/resin-than those that have been responsible for health problems-neodymium. In fact, neodymium magnets, which can be dangerous if swallowed, have a magnetism that is over 50 times stronger than our flexible word tile magnets. No magnet should be ingested, but Magnetic Poetry word magnets do not have the strength to cause the kind of health problems that neodymium magnets have caused.