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Magnets That Reveal The Poet Within.

14 Jul

Desk Top Weed Zen

Posted by David Kapell in #officezen, #zen
I recently got a couple of tiny vases, and decided to bring them into the office and fill them with found plants and flowers. These cockleburs and grass are from next to the railroad tracks that run past our building.
02 Jul


Posted by David Kapell in #gifts, #magneticpoem, #magneticpoetry, #poetry

Half the fun of Magnetic Poetry comes from letting the muse of the magnets have its way with you. In other words, I think it's a mistake to set out with your poetic goal too precise. If you've got a line in mind that you like, you should by all means write it down; you're probably not going to find those exact words in any Magnetic Poetry Kit. But if you've got an open heart and a sense of adventure, the magnets can lead you to some very surprising and beautiful and unexpectedly heart-wrenching places. Here's a poem I just made by just picking a few tiles out of the box that seemed to resonate today. I stuck them on my board and set out to fill the gaps and wound up with this, a tiny poem that really transports me to a certain powerful spot at the moment.

19 Jun

Magnetic Poetry As A Songwriting Tool

Posted by David Kapell in #magneticpoem, #magneticpoetry

Magnetic Poetry was originally conceived as a tool for sparking ideas for song lyrics. I recently brought it back to its roots and put a short magnetic poem onto a Garage Band loop (I did it entirely on my iPhone, which seems like a modern miracle). I hope to do more of these in the future, and I'd love it if other people did it as well and then shared their efforts with me!