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Magnets That Reveal The Poet Within.

07 Jun

I Rode A Little Folding Bike...

Posted by David Kapell

...more than 1,000 miles across Eastern Europe. Then I came back and wrote this little poem.

21 Mar

So Wonderful...

Posted by David Kapell
...to get letters like this:

"No questions. Just a note of appreciation. From the moment the box arrived,
my granddaughters, ages 13 and 11, became oblivious to their electronic
devices, and spent the next three hours composing, creating, and rhyming.
All to the soundtrack of non-stop giggles and shrieks of delight. Along with the two easels I purchased, the girls raided the kitchen for
every cookie sheet, lined them up down the length of the hall way, and are
working on an 'epic novel'. I'll definitely be back for more." -Marilyn Atkinson
14 Mar

Hockey Hair

Posted by David Kapell

I'm a huge hockey fan, and like many hockey-loving Minnesotans I look forward each year to the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament. There's nothing like it anywhere in this country, or in the world, as far as I know. Tens of thousands of people gather to watch the boys play (and a whole lot of people also come to watch the more recently added girls' tournament). It's an amazing spectacle that you don't have to love hockey to appreciate; I've brought friends who are self-declared sports haters who nevertheless love watching the high school tournament.

Anyway, part of the tradition as of late is the "hockey hair" video that comes out the day after the championship game. It gets literally millions of views on YouTube, and I'm one of the many who wake up on post-tourney Sunday morning and watch it before I even make my coffee. Imagine my delight when this year's video included a cameo Magnetic Poetry appearance! Check it out:

01 Mar

The Promise Of Love

Posted by David Kapell
Here at my desk at Magnetic Poetry I've got a couple of metal easels (which we sell, if you want one of your own) and several containers of magnetic tiles from various versions of our kits. The words are all mixed together at this point; I no longer know, for instance, which kit this word "shave" came from. Or this word "mutual" (I'm just looking over at one of my easels here). Are those two words from the same kit? I don't know, and I don't care. I like the fact that all these word tiles have gotten mixed up through me playing with them, by me "stealing" words from various boxes to make a poem more interesting, by me just dumping handfuls of words into jars and forgetting about them until I want to refresh an easel with new words. There's a slow word migration happening here around my desk, and it keeps things random and surprising and sometimes serendipitous. Which is all to say that when I glanced over at the easel this morning, I noticed that the three words "the very promise" were near each other, which suggested something, and led to this, which I think is quite nice.
21 Feb


Posted by David Kapell
Dave here... It's time to get back on this MagPo blog horse and ride again! I'm going to start things with this image, taken at The Whitney Museum in NYC while I was hold for two hours with Sun Country Airlines, stuck there, as it turned out, for an extra three days (there are worse places to get stranded, eh?) because a snow storm shut down all three airports the day this was taken. I was there for the New York Now trade show (used to be called The New York Gift Show), which went quite well for Magnetic Poetry... we seem to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance. So, thank you. And may the muse of the magnets be with you!

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